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Axem Neurotechnology is developing the first brain-sensing device that monitors and measures stroke rehabilitation

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Measuring Progress Matters

With good care and rehabilitation, there is life after stroke. But how do you know if you’re making progress? That’s where Axem* comes in.

Focused on improving brain function from within, our easy-to-use rehabilitation headset guides treatment and tracks progress on the path to recovery — making the direct effects of therapy on the brain measurable.*

Feedback is proven to increase brain activity and improve recovery.*

How It Works*

Enhance Recovery

Axem* enhances rehabilitation by providing you with feedback about your brain activity — giving you and your healthcare provider insight about whether therapy is directly targeting the affected area.

Track Progress

Function returns when the brain recovers. By tracking progress through easy-to-use exercises, Axem* provides you with real-time feedback on progress via quantitative metrics on your mobile device.

Maxmize Efficacy

By synchronizing data remotely with your healthcare team as you continue rehab from the comfort of your own home, your progress can be tracked so that programs can be adapted to maximize efficacy.

Patients need to do as much treatment as possible. More reps equals more recovery.*

Designed For


  • Have confidence that exercises are as effective as possible by measuring the amount of activity the brain produces.
  • Enjoy a more engaging rehabilitation experience with guided sessions and feedback.
  • Complete rehabilitation at home while your results are automatically shared with your care provider so they can monitor and alter your program as needed.

Healthcare Professionals

  • Compare treatments and plan a course of care using physiological measurements during treatment, rather than waiting weeks to see improvements on pen-and-paper outcome measures.
  • Empower patients and automate treatment with software guided neurofeedback, and research-based method of improving brain activity and rehabilitation outcomes.
  • Monitor patients remotely to assess compliance and determine when home programs need updating.

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